Profile of Matt Corby and His Success in Music

Profile of Matt Corby and His Success in Music

Profile of Matt Corby and His Success in Music – There are many famous musicians. Each of them has different music genres and people love their music and songs that make them famous. One of these famous musicians is Matt Corby. His full name is Mathew John Corby. He was born on 7 November 1990. He is an Australian singer and he also writes songs. He may not be similar to some musicians who have music flowing in their bloodline or have learned about music since childhood. It can be said that he did not have such a starting point as musician. He got his name popular after he joined a talent show in Australia. He joined Australian Idol in its fifth season and he started to gain popularity after he passed the qualification and performed on stage. However, his real career in music started after he was no longer in in the audition of the Australian Idol. He decided to take his own path in career of music. His name and songs made him very famous with his fourth EP or extended play. It was in 2011 with his Into the Flame as the title of his EP. The EP made him got third position in the chart of ARIA Singles. Then in April 2012, he got 6x Platinum by ARIA. Even, his song Brother and Resolution won the ARIA Music Award in the category of Song of the Year.

As for his early life and childhood, there is nothing special. He was just ordinary boy. However, when he was teenager, he joined Christian motivational youth band called Iron and Clay. With the band, he had some tours in schools, festivals, and church. When he was 16 years old, he decided to participate in the fifth season of Australian Idol. He got good results in the audition. In the final, he was the runner-up. Although he got good achievement, he described it as a mistake. It is not because he cannot become the winner, but the competition makes people see him in certain image that does not suit him personally. Matt Corby said that he did not like how people saw him after the competition. Thus, he tried hard to get free from people’s opinion about himself and it was one of the reasons that make him want to start his career in UK.

Before he moved to London, he made his independent debut with an EP called Song for… He released his EP on 5 June 2009 with Scorpion Music. After that, he moved to UK and he joined indie label called Communion. At this time, his music and voice was compared to Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley. However, he did not really pay attention to the comparison. He decided to continue delivering his uniqueness. He even said to have maturity beyond his real age. During this time, Matt Corby was active in many live performances and he got good responses from audiences.

In 2010, he finally made next EP, Transition to Colour. He records his EP with Ian Grimble. Because the EP, he got quite busy with performance. Even in the early 2011, he spent his time to have some shows in London and surprisingly the tickets were always sold out at that time. He also got chance to perform in SXSW held in Austin, Texas during February. After his show in Texas, he returned to Australia. However, this did not take much time and he went to UK and joins the band called Elbow.

After writing some songs during several months in 2011, he worked on his song. He conducted recording for the EP Into the Flame. This time, Tim Carr became his producer. Into The Flame really showed something unique about Matt Corby. He sang with great vocals and unique styles. Then, lyrics of his songs were also attractive that made his listeners fascinated as if they were brought to experience the song. The EP made him successful and he got top place in the ARIA Top Singles Chart. There were still more awards he got from the EP Into the Flame. He also wrote and sang a single titled with Brother. For some listeners, they thought that the song was mysterious and they could not totally understand the meaning. Matt Corby did not give much information and he only said that it was about his special experience but he did not want to explain further regarding the song Brother.

After the success of his EP, he still continued to write songs and sang them. He had many singles and EP, including Monday and Telluric. He made his fans love his songs very much. He always has his own style that really makes people enjoy the melody of his songs and the deep meaning of the lyrics. These make him more popular but of course, he still enjoys writing and singing songs. As for his personal life, there is limited information and mostly people only know that he loves surfing and reading.

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