Some Interesting Facts about Matt Corby

Some Interesting Facts about Matt Corby

Some Interesting Facts about Matt Corby – Among Australian singers and musicians, Matt Corby is one of the popular ones. He started his career in music when he was teenager. He joined in a youth band. It was actually Christian motivational band. His participation in the band made him able to experiences some tours to schools, festivals and even churches. Although he joined such religious-based band, he later said that he did not really care about religion. He thought that everyone was born as free being and he pursues his own life to change the world into better pace. As for the religion, he did not pay too much attention about it.

Matt Corby has won many awards, especially in ARIA Music Awards and ARIA Single Charts. These prove that his music is interesting and people love listening to him and his songs. He has unique taste of music and it is supported by his nice voices. He is also great song writers. Lyrics and voices in each of his song really makes people able to experience special feeling as if they are invited to experience what is delivered in each song. During his career, Matt Corby does not make many albums. He has more singles and extended plays or EP instead of albums. Although he seems focuses on EP, each song is recorded and arranged seriously. That is why he becomes famous and he gets many awards. One of the most popular songs is Brother and the famous EP is Into The Flame. The song Brother is quite special because it makes people guess the meaning behind the song. However, Matt Corby never tells anything about the meaning and he only said that his song Brother has special meaning based on his life’s experience.

Related to Matt Corby, there are some interesting facts about him. Regardless his capability in music that has been recognized by people and even got awarded, he is someone who loves reading books. Some of the books are related to neuroscience. He loves to read this topic because he thinks that human brain can do more than what people and even he himself can think about. He always gets excited and fascinated when he knows what brain is capable of. He started reading the book about neuroscience when people thought that he should have proper consultation with someone who could really help him. At that time, he did not agree about what people thought about him. He believed that his brain was more than enough to handle his issues. These are because he reads those books. Of course, it is proven that what people said in the past was wrong and he can survive until now.

Then, many people do not really know his personal life. However, it is known that actually he is a father now. In 2018, Matt Corby and his partner got a baby. His first child is named Hugh. During certain interview, Matt Corby tells how amazing his life is when he becomes a father. Then, the birth of his son becomes special turning point in his life. Matt Corby decides to move with his new family to new home. He chooses to live in Rainbow Valley, a location in New South Wales. The name of Rainbow Valley even becomes the title of his album in 2018. This shows how special his new home and his new family are. That is why the album also tells about his new life.

As what is mentioned before, he started his love in music and it leads him to join youth band. However, his career is actually started when he joined Australian Idol. He joined the fifth season. He got successful in the audition and he could perform in the main stage. Since the audition until his performance in the main stages, he has attracted interests of audiences and even judges. In the end, he got runner-up in the competition. Even if it is good achievement, he did not like it and he said that it was a mistake. It was not because he failed to get the first position, but it was because the identity made by people for him. He did not like the identity and it was like a fake identity of him that really was different from his true personality and identity. Thus, he tried to remove the identity and he wanted to become he truly is. The process takes time and it is also one of the reasons that make him want to pursue his career in London, UK.

In addition to his hobby in reading books, Matt Corby loves surfing. He says about this hobby clearly and he is confidently says that he puts surfing into his list of hobbies. In the past, he actually got terrifying accident when he was surfing. He was almost dead because of the rip current. Thankfully, he survived. The terrible experiences do not make him hate the surfing and he still loves the water sports until now.

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